11 April 2018

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Ella is a small town in the Badulla District of Uva Province, There are two waterfalls in the Ella area. Ella is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in all Sri Lanka.

Things to do in Ella Sri Lanka

  1. Little Adam’s Peak
  2. Nine Arch Bridge
  3. Lipton’s Seat
  4. Diyaluma Falls
  5. Ella Spice Garden
  6. Rawana Waterfall
  7. Ella Rock
  8. Best Restaurants in Ella.

A Tea Plantation Tour

While in tea Country you should definitely go on a tour of a processing factory the tea from Sri Lanka is World famous and there are many plantation you can visit in the area. I’ve heard good thinks about Bluefield and Bluefield tea gardens.

Ella Rock

Ella Rock is the must do hike while visiting Ella. It’s a bit more difficult and complicated to visit compared to little Adam’s, as the trail isn’t clearly marked but once you fine the trail the hike is stunning.

Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge is probably the most iconic sight in all off Ella. The beautiful stone structure crosses fields and  fields and forest and offers spectacular views of the area.