11 April 2018

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Here a few families of traditional artisans do their best to preserve their craft livelihood  and legacy mask produced by Ambalangoda. Artisans fall in to three categories Kolam, Raksha and Sanni. Ambalangoda mask are carved out of the light balsa-like Kaduru wood, Before the caving begins the wood is smoke dried for a week, Then work begins with chisel and mallet. Both in carving and painting the artisan scriptures which give stringent guidelines.

Puppetry or Rukada was not born in Ambalangoda, But it was in this town the craft reached its supreme height in Sri Lank. Podi Sirina Gurunnanse was a legendary puppeteer of Ambalangoda. It was Gurunnanse who produced the Ehelepola play, based on the tragic story of the aristocratic family at the peak.