01 November 2019

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264km (164 mils) From Colombo


Trincomalee is a port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The city is located on a peninsula. Which divides the inner and outer harbours. Trincomalee is an anglicized version of the Tamil word Thirikonamalai (which means ” lord of the Sacred hill “) it is a hill situated at the end of a natural land formation that resembles an arc. It is one of the main where Tamil is Spoken at target scale. Historically referred to as Gokanna or Gokanna it has been a Sea port that has played a major role in maritime and international trading history of Sri Lanka.

The bay of Trincomalee provides security and is openly accessible to all types of sea craft in all weathers. The beaches are used for recreational purposes such as surfing whale watching. The city is renowned for housing the largest Dutch fort in Sri Lanka.