23 August 2019

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Yala National Park called as Ruhunu National Park is located in the Southeast of the country preserved under wild life department. The park consists of large herd of Elephant 05 blocks in which 02 area now open for the public. The park covers a total of 979 square kilometers and located 300 kilometers away from colombo. The area around the Yala Park consists of important ancient civilization and two important pilgrim sites are namely Sithulpawwa and Magul Maha Viharaya are situated withing the park.


Yala park is one of the best park in Sri Lanka for Bird watching as it is believed that 215 species of Birds are found here and six are endemic to Sri Lanka. There are also 44 species of Mammal’s resident of the Yala Park and Leopards in Yala are known to have the highest densities in the world.